At RIW Co., we empower educators and service providers with comprehensive services and resources for integrating solidarity in their practice. Through our transformative keynote speaking engagements, facilitated workshops, and consulting services, we create landscapes that nurture hearts and minds toward meaningful Indigenous solidarity.

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Keynote Speaking Engagements

Our keynote speaking engagements will have educators and service providers feeling elevated and empowered walking the path of solidarity. Through Candace’s relentless yet compassionate approach, she encourages educators and service providers to look within themselves to decolonize their minds, body, spirit, and soul. If you want your event to leave feeling empowered and inspired, you have come to the right place. 

Previous Keynote Speaking Engagements

  • Pathways to Solidarity: Navigating Decolonization and Restorative Change
  • Impactful Indigenous Advocacy
  • Empowering Indigenous Youth to Success

Facilitated Workshops

Our facilitated workshops provide educators and service providers with practical tools to promote Indigenous solidarity in their practice. Our workshops utilize decolonial methods and research-based practices, along with grassroots experience. Additionally, depending on the requested workshop, RIW Co. will invite other Indigenous experts and specialists to ensure a comprehensive workshop experience.

Previous Facilitated Workshops 

  • Decolonizing Your Classroom Workshop
  • Becoming a Compassionate Educator Workshop
  • Honouring Gender Diversity in Schools: A Guide for Educators
  • Indigenous Perspectives on Early Childhood Education Workshop

Consulting Services

Suppose your school seeks tangible methods to create meaningful efforts toward Indigenous solidarity. In that case, we offer the following consulting services:

  • Curriculum Design 
  • Toolkit Creation 
  • Policy Development 
  • Indigenous Insights

Our approaches are informed by grassroots experience, empirical research, and Indigenous worldviews, ensuring your educators have the guidance and tools to lead meaningful and sustainable change.


“It was truly an amazing talk and one that has breathed into me, a life force breath I have needed as a human and educator in this field for 30 years. I have attended many workshops in order to learn, decolonize, grow,  be an ally and truly a more effective educator. This is the workshop I have been waiting for.” The Halton Resource Connection, Indigenous Perspectives on Early Childhood Education Workshop

“Candace challenges teachers to think about their own teaching practices within the community and how they can support student success. She encourages educators to analyze how colonization has shaped their educational practices and encourages everyone to question what they can do to promote a holistic environment for all students…We deeply appreciate the gift of knowledge that Candace shared with us through her presentation and look forward to hearing more about her relentless success. Meegwetch Candace!” Moosonee Public School, Decolonizing Your Classroom Workshop

“Our staff were enthralled by all the learning and kindness you brought to our Indigenous Knowledges event. There were so many opportunities for critical reflections as individuals and as an organization. You truly are a Relentless Indigenous Woman, an engaging speaker and an educator who is passionate about speaking the truth, shifting narratives and walking the path towards reconciliation. We cannot thank you enough for honouring us with your teachings in this humbling journey!” CASA Child and Adolescent and Family Mental Health, Decolonial Framework: Supporting the Path Toward Reconciliation Workshop 

“Candace is genuine and direct in her delivery when she speaks about her journey and the need to connect with young people in order to break down the barriers that have been planted through colonization as well as the injustices that people have been subjected to throughout history and ongoing today. Her words are a frank exploration of addressing the challenges and truth behind our imposed societal structures and how these structures must be broken down in order to truly walk a path of reconciliation.” Nishnawbe Aski Nation, Empowering Indigenous Youth to Success Workshop