Be Part of the Relentless Indigenous Movement

We invite you to join the unwavering force of the Relentless Indigenous Movement. Together, we can make a lasting impact and create meaningful change for Indigenous Nations across the globe.

For Indigenous People:

  • Advocate for our rights and claim our space unapologetically
  • Be the healing medicine the world needs, spreading fierce kindness
  • Walk with Ancestral confidence
  • Weave cultural pride and connection into the fabric of our Nations
  • Honour and embrace our Two-Spirit and LGBTQ+ relatives
  • Carry the Ancestral flame, igniting a future of strength and empowerment

For Non-Indigenous People in Solidarity:

  • Stand in solidarity with Indigenous peoples
  • Listen to their stories and amplify their voices
  • Advocate for Indigenous rights and justice
  • Support Indigenous-owned businesses and initiatives
  • Learn from Indigenous knowledge and traditions
  • Work towards reconciliation and Indigenous resurgence

Together, let us forge a path towards a future where Indigenous People thrive, their sovereignty is honoured, and their cultures are celebrated.

Join the movement, be relentless!

ᒥᑴᒡ ᒥᓯᐌ ᓂ ᐙᑲᒫᑳᓄᒃ | mîkwec misiwe ni wâkamâkunuk | thank you, all my relations