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Relentless Indigenous Woman

Indigenous Reconciliation Webinar & Toolkit for K-6 Educators

Indigenous Reconciliation Webinar & Toolkit for K-6 Educators

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In this Webinar and Toolkit, you'll dive into the Indigenous Reconciliation Toolkit tailored for K-6 Elementary Educators. This isn't just another teaching resource; it's a roadmap for making real change in your classroom and school. You'll learn how to manage your classroom in a way that honours reconciliation, build community-based learning environments, create genuine connections, and integrate these principles meaningfully into your curriculum.

This webinar isn't just a learning session; it's a call to action. We believe every educator has the power to shape a world where children not only understand reconciliation but also actively participate in it.

To receive the most from the Toolkit, it is essential to watch the Webinar recording to understand the contexts with depth.  

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