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Stolen Land // Crewneck

Stolen Land // Crewneck

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Step into a world of awareness with our "Stolen Land" design. This striking design is more than just a piece of clothing; it's a powerful tool for change and a tribute to the original inhabitants of the land - Indigenous Peoples.

What sets this apart is its impactful design, where the iconic Hollywood sign is replaced by the bold statement "Stolen Land," prominently displayed against a hillside backdrop. This striking imagery serves as a stark reminder of the often-overlooked truths about the land we inhabit.

But this does more than just spark conversation. On the back, a unique QR code connects you directly to a wealth of resources. Dive into the depths of the Land Back movement and learn how you can actively participate in this vital cause. This feature transforms your garment into an interactive educational experience, empowering you to contribute to the fight for justice and reclaiming Indigenous lands.

Wear your support. Ignite discussion.

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